The GLOBAL GOALS CURRICULUM (GGC) is much more than just a curriculum: it is the dynamic & participatory development process for the implementation of the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development - in schools, organizations and civil society.

In view of the global challenges, we need creative and courageous changemakers in all areas of society. School development is at the core and starting point of the GGC Program.

GGC in schools:

Let's create schools where children and young people learn to actively take responsibility. Schools, in which they develop the attitude, the consciousness and the courage to take action in order to become competent designers of their own lives and societies.

To re-imagine education is to create an environment in which children and young people not only learn the ability to acquire complex knowledge, but also the competencies to make use of new technologies, to be creative and to develop effective solutions with innovative methods. An environment, in which they learn to build relationships with other people and to work in heterogeneous groups. An environment in which they have the space to experiment and to discover their individual potential. An environment in which they experience themselves as impactful and responsible members of their school and society.

The GGC is about transformation. GGC stands for courageous re-design of school in four fields:

Learning & Working

What mix of innovative concepts, learning settings and formats are needed for the development of a new learning and working culture?


Who are the internal and external partners of schools? What are their needs and requirements? How do we work together in the school community and how do we cooperate with our external partners?

Buildings & Campus

How do we build the physical prerequisites for a new learning and working culture? How do we implement the sustainability goals in our facility management? How can we live what we teach?


What is our mission? What are our strengths, what are our potentials for development? How do we shape the development process for implementing Education for Sustainable Development in our schools?

Pragmatic development

In the first phase, we are developing and evaluating the Global Goals Curriculum in close cooperation with our pilot schools. The reality of school life as well as the needs of school communities are consistently placed at the center of the development process. All members of the school community are actively involved: children and adolescents, parents and educators, school leaders, pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff as well as the representatives of the respective authorities and regional support networks.

During this development process, we gradually create the GGC Toolbox. It will contain informational materials and instructions, as well as methods, support modules and seminar units that have been developed in practice and tested for their effectiveness. Pragmatic, feasible and user-oriented. Developed by school practitioners for school practitioners.

The development of a regional network, regional partnerships with other schools, as well as public and private organizations is another important factor in the support of the school development process. And therefore, another focus of the GGC Program.

GGC in organizations & regions

Changemakers who are creative, courageous, entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible are always in demand.

Whether as representatives of associations or cultural institutions, schools or universities, training organizations or companies, governmental or non-governmental institutions: With your work, you impact structures far beyond your organizational boundaries.

And therefore, the contribution of everyone is required. Because how we understand our tasks in our professional lives impacts every-day life in our families, organizations and civil society - locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

How can you contribute?

By actively taking on your social responsibility and working towards effective Education for Sustainable Development in your environment. Your potential areas of impact are diverse:

  1. You can develop your own changemaker skills, as well as the changemaker skills of your immediate environment.
  2. You can support schools in their development process.
  3. You can re-design your organization, your region or your national or international network towards a sustainable structure.

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