The GGC Community is a growing network of changemakers who are committed to a new learning and working culture in schools, organizations, and civil society. Get involved!

What principles are we committed to?


We share a vision: We are committed to democracy, peace, freedom, justice and sustainability. We are actively working to implement the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in our schools and organizations. Pragmatic, down-to-earth and passionate.


We are ready to leave our comfort zone. We dare to question existing structures, cherished personal privileges and institutional interests. We take responsibility and enter new territory.


We work interdisciplinarily and transculturally. We cooperate across generations, organizations, and political parties. We not only meet at conferences, but we implement what we talk about. We work for effective & sustainable results.

We are the GGC Community!

Everyone who is actively involved in the development and implementation of the GGC Program - in organizations and networks, as members of schools, universities, public, civil society or private institutions - is part of the GGC Community.

Get involved! Learn about our work in our blog (in German language), our newsletter or take part in our events in Germany, in other European countries or online.

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